My TOP 3 restaurants

Whenever I feel like rewarding myself with the best tasting food I know and I don’t want to stray away too far from my diet, I go to one of these 3 places.

The salads from Mandy’s are known for not leaving you hungry. Whoever said diet food was boring never tasted their salads! With their three locations in Montreal, they are definitely my go to place if I don’t have time to meal prep. Their portions are so big that I always have left overs for the next day.


5033 Sherbrooke west

201 Laurier west

2067 Crescent


Tokyo treasure
When I go out with my boyfriend and want to have a nice meal, we drive to the west island to my favorite Sushi restaurant. Try their Salmon and tuna tartar, it’s orgasmic! Yes… i said it! Not only is their fish top quality, the ambiance and service is just as great. You can always count on Antoine (the manager) for an amazing service.


4805 Boulevard des Sources


I have discovered this place a little while ago. It’s located on St-Laurent boulevard and it has a great Mid-eastern cuisine that is to die for! The menu varies from the so-called herbivore to carnivore meals, so it’s a nice option when you don’t feel like having meat or have a vegetarian friend.


4351 Boulevard St-Laurent


So here it is, my top 3 favorite restaurants on the island. Let me know what your favorite restaurants are (wherever you live). We never know, maybe they’ll become my favorites too!

Jennifer Rochon
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