It’s all about the shoes

First of all, I have a confession to make. I’m a shoe addict.

I always defend my addiction by saying I need different shoes for different activities; basketball shoes that have a flat sole and high top for better ankle support, running shoes that are spongier for running. I also have the coolest shoes with no specific features but a nice cool look to match my cool handstands or new outfits!

Ok, maybe 30 pairs are a bit too much but you should have different shoes for different activities. Let me guide you on how to buy shoes since I’m obviously very good at it!

shoeblog4It’s always nice to get matching shoes and clothes!

Shop at the end of the day

During the day, your feet will swell and become a little bit wider than in the morning. If you go at the end of a work day, your feet will be at their largest and this will give you a better idea on how comfortable the shoe actually is. You do want a little wiggle space and room to spread your toes when you stand. Also very easy to forget; bring your own socks! The ones you use regularly for working out.

You didn’t know that your feet could look like that after a day of work, did you?

Know your needs

Buying athletic shoes is very specific. If you need a shoe to go on long walks or run, you will need a sole that can absorb shocks, often foamier and more durable to make you feel like you are running on a cloud. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cross training shoe in which you will be doing a bit of weightlifting, running and aerobic, you will need a shoe with a stable sole that will give you a good traction to provide moderate support for lateral or side-to-side movements. These types of soles are thick (without being too spongy) and durable to perform well on hard gym floors, court surfaces and even asphalt.

shoeblog2Cross training shoes are so light, they make you fly.

Know your feet

Depending on how your feet arch (from flat footed to highly arched) or your ankle rolls (inward – outward), you might need a specific shoe. A good way to judge is by looking at the way the soles on your old shoes are worn out.
Example: If the inner edge of your sole is worn, this indicates that your feet roll inward. Your feet most likely have flat arches or low arches. You will need a shoe with motion-control or high-stability to keep your feet better aligned with your lower legs.

shoeblog5Your feet are an important tool! On a side note, can you spot my foot?

Price matters

Not always, but in most cases it does. Buying a shoe in a department store at the wonderful price of 15$ might look like a bargain but it might cause you pain in the long run. Paying a little extra for quality is usually better as the shoe will last you longer. Overpaying for the new celebrity shoe is a different situation (but I’m also guilty of that). If you are debating over two NIKE pairs that have a 30$ difference, the quality might be very similar.

5-dirty-shoesWhat do you mean these are not as good?

When is it time to get new shoes?

Everyday…dah!! No. No. You should regularly change shoes depending on usage. Heavy runners should change footwear anytime between 400 to 600km. For any other sport, it should be judged by how worn the sole looks.

shoeblog3But don’t wait until there’s a hole in them!

One last thing, if you experience any pain while working out, always consult a podiatrist (foot doctor) as the issue often starts from the foundation (your feet!). Maybe a better shoe will help avoid future injuries! Ok. Enough said, the day is over, I’m going to buy new shoes to walk on my hands! Hahaha. Hope this was helpful!

Jennifer Rochon
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