ATTENTION: Are you struggling to lose weight?

Have You Tried To Lose Weight But Nothing Has Worked Before?
Let Me Show You What You Can Do Today So You Can Lose Weight Just As Someone With A Fast Metabolism

Linda lost 9 pounds in 32 days

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Most weight loss programs are a SCAM. This is because they do not work for normal people. You either have to be an athlete, have the metabolism of a tiger or have a private chef and a home gym to make it work. However, they are totally USELESS for people with normal or slow metabolisms.

This must stop. Let me show you why this is true and most importantly, what you can do TODAY to achieve the same results as those who burn fat by doing almost nothing at all.

Finding the right solution is like a maze, it’s easy to get lost and confused.

It can be hard to find a good solution

Most fitness gurus think that when it comes to creating an online fitness program, more is better. They think that you should have 500 different videos with 70 different guides and enough information to keep you busy for months in a row.Fact #1

They do this because they are passionate about their job. I mean, when a person is passionate about what she is doing, then it is normal to want to show, explain, talk as much about fitness as possible.

But I think it is wrong. You’re a busy person. You don’t have time for 500 different videos. You don’t have time to read hundreds of pages of information. After all, you’ve decided to try this because you want to make it simpler, not more complicated.

You need instead the ones that work – and most exactly, the ones that work for you. Why should you have 50 hours of video if only 2 of them actually help you lose weight, have more energy, be more fit and generally, feel better in your own skin?

This is why I consider burnHIIT to be a minimalist fitness course. In this course, you’re not going to find tens of different workout videos. You’re going to find 12 that actually gets you results. You’re not going to get 57 different diets. You’re going to get a few ones that are proven to lead to weight loss. You’re not going to get 157 different options including exercising at home, in your hotel room or even in a plane. You’re going to get exercises that people actually do in real life.


Fact #2

… what’s maybe most important, these are exercises that work for you. I’m not here to show you what works for a professional athlete or model. Let’s be honest. They’ve got good genetics. If you had their genetics, it would have been enough to run a few times a week to look like you’re coming straight from the pages of Cosmo.

But you’re not. Not everyone is born with the same genetics that makes them burn fat fast and gain weight slowly. Some people are more fortunate than others and what works for them will not always … or generally work for you. You need something that doesn’t require a will of steel … a determination to move mountains … and hours of your time every single day.

Instead, you need something that works whenever you have the time for it … works for an common metabolism, not that one for an athlete and which won’t give you an anxiety attack when you look at the exercise list, with exercises way over your fitness level – like most courses do nowadays.

Fact #3

This is what burnHIIT is. A program designed for people with common genetics who want uncommon results, for people who don’t want to compete in the Olympics but rather lose weight … look better in that dress … feel a bit more confident in their own skin and generally, improve their life through fitness.

Get it now!

Hi, I’m Jenn!

I’m a personal trainer from Montréal, Canada and a fitness columnist for Global Television. I’ve been training people for more than 6 years and throughout that time I’ve come to realize the importance of being healthy.

There is nothing more important than being able to live your life fully, exempt of problems. A big part of that is your physical health, especially as we get older. I have made my goal to help people with their weight, it’s why I created burnHIIT.

Throughout the years I’ve tried many, many training programs that ultimately left me wanting more. I always thought that a program should be constructed with a clear goal in mind. That the workout sessions should follow one another. Not some random workout of the day that you do, hoping for results that might come. Taking that into consideration, I developed a program that followed proven training methods used by athletes and professionals, but made it for everyday people just like you.

And oh boy did it not disappoint. While testing burnHIIT, I was amazed at how effective it was and how fast I was seeing results. By the end of the program, I had lost 7 pounds of stubborn fat* and improved my health at the same time.

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Here’s a secret … you need a workout that actually works for youStop wasting time!

Let me ask you this – do you want to be the next Victoria’s Secret model? Chances are that the answer is no … you just want to lose some weight, feel a bit better in your own skin and improve your health.

You’re not willing to spend thousands of dollars and exercise like it is your full time job. Yet, nowadays, this is what is promoted. The short programs are so intense that you need to be a professional athlete to actually do them. The long programs are very complex and require you to structure your life around fitness.

These programs work for people with great genetics … or for people who dedicate their life to fitness. But will it work for you? I mean, can you actually learn from what Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie are doing to stay that way?

No. No. No. They have millions of dollars, a team of personal chefs and world class personal trainers. They don’t go to the gym, they have a gym at home and that gym contains equipment more expensive than your car. And yet, everyone is promoting the same thing … how celebrity A lost weight … or how celebrity B did that … or how celebrity C got so sexy. Yeah, that may work but it will not work for you … because even if you have good genetics … even if you’re more motivated, you simply don’t have their resources at your disposal.

And at the end of the day, you can do exactly step by step what you read in Cosmo but you won’t get the same results.

So I’ve decided to not take this route. Instead of selling pie in the sky dreams based on what the rich and famous are doing, I’ve decided to create a program to help you where you are RIGHT NOW.

One that will help you lose weight right now, not when you’ll be rich and famous and afford to have a chef to cook for you 24/7. One that is easy enough to complete and yet, effective enough to help you lose weight.

Instead of trying to do what works only for the rich and the famous (and I underline the rich, as it is not hard to lose weight when you have a few millions in your bank account) wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to …

Exercise in a manner that is consistent with your fitness level at this moment and grow accordingly?
Diet in a way that doesn’t have to rely on will power or on starving yourself and rather be based on changing from delicious unhealthy foods to delicious healthy ones?
Learn how to exercise using simple, functional training instead of being forced into complex routine that will frustrate you, tire you or even injure you?
Exercise whenever you can and wherever you want as opposed to waiting for that ideal moment when you have the mood, the time, the money, the energy to do it in a gym?

This is what I want to do for you … and I’m going to explain below exactly HOW.

I’ve hacked weight loss for you

I combined 3 proven techniques to make the ultimate weight loss program: burnHIIT.

High Intensity
Interval Training

Circuit Training

Excess Post-Exercise
Oxygen Consumption

It is specifically designed to maximize the effects of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and make you burn more calories. Even when you don’t work out. So while traditional HIIT workouts will make you burn some calories, burnHIIT will turbo boost your weight loss.


It’s the fastest way from point A to B in term of losing weight.

I am sure you have heard the term “HIIT” before.

Why? Because it is a workout method that has been proven extremely effective to lose weight and maintaining it.

Trapp et al²., in a 2008 study, have shown that high intensity interval training (HIIT) burns WAY more calories than those outdated hour-long workouts.

And it’s not your fault that when it comes to weight loss and exercising you believed that more was better. It was just the common belief that has now been proven wrong. The era of endless jogging on a treadmill thinking that we are burning tons of calories is over.

Let me tell you how this works.hiit_graphic

What is a HIIT workout?

HIIT workouts are short but highly effective. They consist in performing intervals of high intensity efforts in between short periods of rest. Researches have shown that HIIT was by far the most effective method to burn fat and increase athletic performances along with a ton of other health benefits (ex: improving your metabolism, improving your mood, etc.).

“But what about the fat-burning zone?”

Maybe you’ve overheard some trainers say that in order to burn the most fat, you need to keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone. While this is true, it is not the whole truth.

At that intensity (60-70% of your maximal heart rate), your body uses more fat than sugar as fuel, but there is always a critical piece of information missing.

The total number of calories burned is WAY lower than it would be at a higher intensity. In fact, working out using ³HIIT can burn more than TWICE the amount of calories than regular workouts and cardio.

and it’s not only about the calories you burn while working out…

Of course, burning a lot of calories while working out is good, but it’s what happens during the other 23 or so hours of the day that matters the most.

As we speak, our body is burning a certain number of calories to stay alive. That’s called the metabolism. What if you could increase yours and burn more calories daily without having to workout all the time?

It’s called the afterburn.

Exercising at a high intensity creates an effect called the “afterburn” or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). That phenomenon pushes your body to increase its metabolism and burn a lot of extra calories for as long as 48 hours after you are done exercising.

Who wouldn’t like to burn excess fat while resting?

When you exercise at a high intensity, your body must go out of its way to be able to keep up with the demand. In the process, you end up emptying some of your energy storage and accumulating lactic acid. In the following hours and days, your metabolism must ramp up and a lot of energy (calories) is spent in order to bring your body back to its resting state (replenish your fuel stores, breakdown the lactic acid, enzymes, hormones, etc.).

If you wanted, you could apply the principles of HIIT to any type of exercise by simply switching between a period of high intensity and one of rest. But there is a lot more to making a good HIIT workout than that. Especially if you want to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time.

That’s why circuit training is ideal for maximal weight loss.

Circuit training involves completing multiple exercises and keeping the time between each one short. One advantage of that type of training is that it is easier to overload your body with a smaller number of repetitions, thus increasing the energy demand (and the calories burned!)

It makes it possible to get amazing results in half the time that it used to take.

I can’t promise you that you’re going to lose 50 pounds in four weeks. It would be a lie. However, imagine this.

You get burnHIIT and you stick to it. You go through these short and fun sessions. Together, we can do it, even if exercising is not your thing. You do this only a few times per week. You make it like a ritual, a habit, an investment into your future.

Then one day, you’ll wake up in a different world. You’ll be slimmer and feel a lot better in your own skin. You’ll be able to wear the size of clothes that you have always dreamed of. You’ll have more energy and vitality and you’ll feel better than ever.

Friends who haven’t seen you for a while will hardly believe the change. They’ll think it is impossible for you to transform so easily.

Andrea lost 7 pounds!


“After using burnHIIT for 4 weeks, I’m down about 6 or 7 lbs*. While weight loss is an easy metric to track success, it wasn’t actually my favourite benefit of Jenn’s program. My favourite result was that I was actually looking forward to working out. 

 I didn’t have to talk myself into it and it was easy for me to fit it into my schedule, wherever I was. I felt stronger, had more energy, and was even more committed to eating clean. I hadn’t even thought about this, but Jenn confirmed this.”

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Some parts won’t be that great though – some other ladies will hate you. They’ll want to be like you. They won’t like the fact that you’re taking all the spotlight now and that when you enter a room, all eyes are on you. Everyone wants to be the center of attention at some point – and it’s your turn.

And how will you get all of this?

By being consistent with a program that is designed for you and that you can do right now. I’m not asking you to go through pain to achieve this goal. I’m asking you just to stick with me until the end.

“I’ve tried other programs before…

Are you sure it will work for me?”

Yes. Without a doubt.

burnHIIT was designed using the same knowledge that athletes and professionals use, but adapted to everyday people just like you who are frustrated with complicated workout schemes.

Yes, It will work for you. Instead of using repetitions it uses time, making it easier for you to follow at your own pace.
Yes, It will work for you. It shows you different ways to perform the exercises so you can again adapt them to your level.
Yes, It will work for you. It uses incremental steps of difficulty to give you just enough time to adapt.

So this is how this is going to go …

Once you invest in the program, you’ll receive an email detailing how you can log-in. Do this. Put on your comfortable workout clothes and watch the quick introductory video. Since you’re not going to the gym, you can get dressed in whatever you like. Nobody’s watching you. If you want to exercise while listening to music, do so. It’s your home and your workout.

Once you’re done with the intro, let’s get started with the first workout. It’s less than 30 minutes long − warm-up and cooldown included. Do it at your own pace. If I’m too fast, you can pause the video. Push yourself as much as you can – but don’t put yourself in danger. It is expected for you to feel tired if you haven’t exercised in a long time. The important thing is to finish the workout, even if you need to take some breaks.

Once the first session is done, congratulations! You’ve just took the first step towards a sexy, slim you. Be proud of yourself. Really, be proud, you’ve done something great. You may not even realize it but in a few months, you’ll look back and this is going to be the day in which your life changed.

Get it now!

Did I mention that burnHIIT

will make you sweat?


See what others are saying


Elise Salou

Post-production coordonator

“What I liked about burnHIIT: It was easy to follow and accessible. The coach is natural and helping. It makes me want to move more!”

Marie Claude

Marie Claude Bernard

Corporate adviser

burnHIIT is an excellent way to train! Jenn is perfect in her role: she’ll motivate you and keep you going. I’m doing the videos with my husband at home or when i’m travelling. We have no excuse, all you need is a screen to get in shape now!”


Kelly Grewal

Credit analyst

“I was traveling to London this week and I’m very happy I could bring burnHIIT with me. I really had no excuses to skip my training!”


Giselle Crouch


“Training with Jennifer and burnHIIT was such a great and fun experience. She is right there with you, exercising with you, encouraging you to push through your limits. And boy did I SWEAT!! Thanks Jenn!! Looking forward to more mornings training at home with you!”


Elissa Milon

Fiscal technician

“With burnHIIT i’m able to get back in shape from my home, which is not always easy with a newborn baby! Jenn is funny and helpful which makes the training sessions even better. I recommend burnHIIT!”

Train anywhere, anytime, using any device.

All you need is an internet connection. Once bought, burnHIIT is yours to keep. Stream your content or download it for a later use.

So here’s what you’re getting:

A short introduction

Let’s get to know each other – after all, we’ll spend time together exercising. Let me explain to you how this program works, what you can expect, why I’m qualified to help you do this and most importantly – how to do this program correctly so you can expect results in no time!

The burnHIIT experience

12 scientifically proven workouts designed for people with common genetics who want uncommon results. Each session starts with a warm-up so you can minimize the risk of injury or strain (I take this very seriously!).

I’m going to motivate you and make sure you stick with me until the end. Don’t worry – I’m not expecting you to be a marathon runner so we’re going to take things slow. At the end, we’re going through a cool down session so you don’t “shock” your body. This will help you lower your heart rate and recuperate!


Tutorial videos

Doesn’t it annoy you when you are expected to do a sequence of complicated moves in a workout, even if you’ve never done them before?

Well, to start with, burnHIIT doesn’t feature complicated moves – as I’m a big believer in functional fitness. Second, these videos are going to help you understand every single move in advance so you can do them correctly – as opposed to stopping the workout to think how.

Plus, I’m going to give you several variations on each move so if you find one too complicated or too hard, you can try another one.

Stretching videos

Not knowing how to stretch is one of the top reason why people quit exercising. How come? Poor stretching techniques lead to injury. Injury leads to pain. Pain leads to avoidance.

Avoidance means that you don’t want to exercise anytime soon. By learning how to stretch, you’re going to eliminate an important objection towards exercising.

So … How Much Is All Of This?

As my clients will tell you, it costs hundreds of dollars per month to be your personal coach. This is because I get results for them. Some love me, some hate me but at the end of the day, I leave no one behind. I make it happen when it comes to weight loss.

Because of this – because I take the practical approach and I suit the program to the client and not the client to the program (as most trainers do), I am overbooked. I can’t take any new clients and there are still TONS of women out there who I’d love to help.

So I’ve created this. I can’t help more than 10-15 people as a trainer but I can help thousands, even tens of thousands of women through this course. Because of this, I’m not going to ask you hundreds of dollars. I’m not even going to ask you for $100, as it is the norm with these kind of videos.

You’re only going to pay $49 for full online access and you know what? That’s NOT per month. That’s forever. You pay $49 once and you have access to the videos as long as the servers are up and running. You don’t need to pay monthly, you don’t need to pay yearly – you do this once and you’ve got me as a coach for life.

Most competitors out there …

Either charge by the month, adding up to $100 - $200 per year with ease …
Provide a one size fits all solution that generally doesn’t work
Are using systems that are designed for people with good genetics, which we’ve agreed that it may not work for you …
Or are so intense that you need a huge amount of willpower to go through just one session, after which you’ll quit because it is too hard for most people.

I don’t. I’m giving you just what you need and I’m making it as convenient as possible. I’m not expecting you to jump from a low level of fitness to fitness guru in one session. Instead, I understand that some women don’t have a lot of time … some have gained a lot of weight after giving birth … some have low energy due to medical problems … some have a very slow metabolism – and I’ve created a system that works for a majority of people, not for the genetically blessed.

All for just $49. Pay once, get access forever. No hidden fees. No subscriptions. No “you need to pay more if you want the full system”. You’ll get the same coaching that my private clients get for a fraction of the price.

Got questions? I have answers.

Do I need to be in shape already?

No! As long as you start on Day 1 of the program, you should be able to do everything at your own pace. Since burnHIIT is based on time and not a set amount of repetitions, you can go at your own pace depending on your physical capacities. As you get in better shape, you can go harder and burn even more calories! Isn’t that fantastic?

You know what else? I always provide easier options if the proposed exercise is too hard. I also give examples in the tutorial videos of the “how-to” section.

What do I need to do the program?

Nothing out of the ordinary really. You will need a bit of space, a high speed internet connection and a streaming device such as a phone, a tablet or a computer. Even better, you can use a media center that streams live on your TV (ex: Apple TV).

How long do I have access to the workout program?

Forever! How about that? Well, if anything ever goes wrong with planet Earth, I guess the servers will be down for a while. But beside that, the program is yours.

What’s the nutrition guide about?

Our nutrition guide was built for you to learn about proper nutrition and become your own advisor. Don’t follow some formulas blindly. Learn about nutrients, portion control, get tips and tricks, follow nutritional plan examples and cook original recipes. Pretty much all you’ll need to better your eating habits and become a healthier you.

So I just bought the product, what now?

As soon as you buy the product, you will be redirected to the introduction video. In this video, I explain everything there is to know about the workout program, then it’s time to sweat!


At anytime you can go to and use your login information to access your workout program. You’ll also get an email detailing what you need to know about your product.

How can I communicate with you?

You can reach me through the contact form (linked) on the website. Remember, your feedback is always welcome. If you have any technical questions about the exercises, don’t be shy, I’m here to help.


You can also reach me through my social media channels @bougefitness (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or at

Consider this again

burnHIIT works where other methods have failed by applying scientific knowledge as its building blocks.
It’s convenient to use, no equipment needed.
It will make the fat on your body melt away with its EPOC maximizing effect.
It is structured, easy to follow and takes away the complications of working out.
At 30 minutes per workout, its half the time and twice the results.
It's interactive and fun, you’re not spending hours reading PDF files.
You get all the knowledge and secrets to healthy weight loss with Hungry for health.

Here’s the best part…

I am so confident that burnHIIT will work for you that I’m willing to give you a DOUBLE guarantee to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Guarantee #1 : Lose weight or it’s free. Follow the program and if you have not lost weight or are unhappy with the results you got, I’ll give you your money back, the WHOLE amount back – no questions asked.

Guarantee #2 : If you are disappointed with the support and service you get after your purchase, same thing: you’ll get your money back – no questions asked!

Jennifer Rochon
creator of burnHIIT

Jenn's signature

P.S. I would never ask you to do something that I haven’t already done – And as I’ve shown you I lost 7 pounds with burnHIIT. No other program has EVER addressed weight loss like this and it’s why you have been struggling. This is a game changer for you.

P.P.S. Remember that you are not alone in this! My team and I provide live support for you to answer any questions you might have. Let’s chat and make sure everything goes according to plan 🙂

P.P.P.S. You don’t have to decide right now. You can try out the entire burnHIIT program for 60 days and if you don’t get the results you desire, you’ll get 100% of your money back with no questions asked.

Order burnHIIT now get 2 EXTRA gifts FREE

Gift #1

Are you wondering what you’re going to do once you’ve completed burnHIIT? Let me tell you. I’m so confident in my program that I’ve chosen to disclose the method I’ve used to build it. You’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with you. It’s simple. Once your done with my program, you could easily modify it or create your OWN High Intensity Interval Training for FREE.

Not only that but I’ll teach you how you could easily change it to reach any fitness objective. Whether it is to increase your strength, your cardiovascular capacity/lose weight or your muscular endurance, these guidelines will show you exactly how.

That’s not all. I’ve also included a detailed and fully explained case study for you to better understand how to apply the different guidelines. This includes a full length cardio workout video for you to follow along. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly how to make all this by yourself.

Gift #1

Gift #2

Posture is an often-overlooked element of everyday health and well-being. A bad posture has a direct impact on your life and if you either work at a desk, commute to work by car or watch tv for prolonged periods of time then you ABSOLUTELY need to watch this video.

I’ve had countless clients ask me for a way to fix their bad posture and reduce the shoulder and neck pain that’s associated with it. Since I can only take so many clients, I made this routine which can be done from just about anywhere. Don’t wait until your bad posture will have caused irreparable damage. Start adding this quick and easy stretching and exercise routine to your life today.

Gift #2
Same money!

Look… There are 3 options ahead of you.

Option #1:

You say that you will do it later and close your internet browser. Life continues as usual and you don’t make any change. Chances are that you will gain more weight – as we get older we put weight on, it’s a fact. You’ll probably regret not giving burnHIIT a chance when again you’ll be confronted with your physique. But at that point it will be much harder, as for every opportunity missed it gets harder to change. That’s the truth.

Option #2:

While reading this website you have gained some knowledge that you could apply it to your own workouts and give it a go. It could probably work but it won’t be optimal, that’s for sure. You would have to research which exercises go together and make sure the timings are correct.

But you haven’t done that yet, so why would you? I’m offering you an all in one solution that has already been researched and proven to work. Don’t waste your time, it’s far too valuable.

Option #3:

You get burnHIIT and together we work on your weight issue. Remember, you are not alone in this. You deserve to be happy in your own skin – to feel great.

And you can have it all right now knowing that while you’ve been disappointed with past experiences, burnHIIT is different – it was made with you in mind.

All you have to do is click the Get Instant Access! button and you’ll receive an email with the information you need to start your amazing journey.

And remember… you are covered with my DOUBLE GUARANTEE.

You can try burnHIIT 100% risk-free for 60 days. Not satisfied? You’ll get your money back!

Same money!

burnHIIT is an online training program. There is no physical product. ¹Results you see on this site are not typical and vary depending on the effort and dedication. Typical range for healthy weight loss is around 1 pound per week. Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning. Always listen to your body. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking medical advice and attention as appropriate. Inc. is not responsible for any injuries that result from participating in the exercises shown in this program. © Inc. 2016



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